Marymount Makers

The Fab Lab at our 97th Street Campus has been buzzing with activity this year. Its administrator, Jaymes Dec, came to Marymount with a vision that schools should have spaces where students can tinker, experiment, design, create and iterate; in short, a place where students can make things. He envisions conversations between parents and students be peppered with the question, “What did you make today?” rather than the standard (and often unanswered), “What did you learn today?” Marymount believes that students learn by doing, by identifying problems and finding ways to solve those problems. The Fab Lab at Marymount offers a vehicle where students can not only ask questions but find solutions as well. In the first of our Marymount Makers series, two Class V students describe an experience of creating 3D designs in the Fab Lab and getting feedback on their designs from an online community through posting them on the Tinkercad website (a place where designers can post their ideas and elicit comments from other designers). To watch, simply click on the photo below: