Kindergarten Writers

Kindergartners have been busy drafting, editing, and presenting their own writing. As a culmination of their poetry writing, Kindergarten students recently gave a reading of their original work in the Alumnae Parlor. Stepping up to a little red microphone, they exercised their confidence and read aloud to a receptive audience.

In writing their own poems, students learned to generate original ideas and to express them creatively; some poems rhymed, some had rhythm, and some explored literary devices like onomatopoeia. Students illustrated their work with colorful drawings. The poetry reading concluded with a Munchkin toast, followed by a celebratory, impromptu dance party.

Expanding their work with genres, students also wrote non-fiction “process books.” The students first had to ask if they were experts at something. Was this something they liked doing and had they done it before? Also, did they know so much about the process that they could teach someone else how to do it?

Once they ironed out all of those details students listed the necessary materials and wrote out the steps (in this case, how to make an ice cream sundae). They tested their pieces out with their peers to make sure each procedure had been described thoroughly. Then, they enjoyed a publishing party, complete with the ice cream sundaes!